Oracle is a collection of visual portals and mantras inviting you to explore human consciousness and direct your attention inward. Each artwork in this collection manifested from egoless, moving-meditation. With the intention of practicing in complete flow, this body of work has had a deep focus on process rather than product. 


In that, this collection has already served me personally more than I could have imagined. Each artwork offered safe harbor to expel the limitations of self and become one with the universal “I”. They have held space for inner-exploration and now they become mirrors for you to gaze into the infinite potential that is human consciousness and to witness yourself. 

By nature, this body of work is not designed to be spoken about with language. Oracle exists because there are no words. Oracle exists to make the invisible visible; to open the portal to the wordless world, to the realm which cannot be described.


Many of the artworks in Oracle began with a photograph of the sky. I am truly indebted to the beauty and divinity I see reflected throughout the vast ether. I am immensely grateful to Oracle for manifesting through me and everything this process has offered. I release it now with love and the intention it will continue to do its work. May you release your infinite power through these portals and see the eternal echos of self. 


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