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I transcend patterns and cycles 

I am here to  offer my unique contribution to creation

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I follow what pulls my energy in

Rather than pushing myself again the current of life

I surrender to the flow of the universe

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I cast my gaze inward

Grounded in my own true nature

No longer am I pulled

This way and that

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Between each thought

Between each action

Between each breath


This is where Spirit resides

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I choose to live completely in my authenticity 

and alignment with my highest self

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Beneath the layers of ego, fear and illusion

There you are 

Complete stillness


The calm beneath the rapids

This is your essence

Your fundamental nature



We are all in a constant state of metamorphosis

Wherever I am in the cycle

Is worthy of love without condition 

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I surrender to the dark and light aspects 

Of the universe 

Of others 

Of myself

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I choose to cast my net deep instead of wide 

I move deeper with complete trust

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The mind that creates the container, creates the cage

Bringing awareness to my self-created limits

I am able to trascend them

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Every no carves way for every yes 

I honour my own unique path and interaction with the universe

There are many pathways up the mountain

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The moment I take responsibility

For my experience of reality

Everything shifts 

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I am a coloured pencil

I am the burning light at the end of the tunnel

I am a tornado of fire roaring through the desert

I am the crashing waves on the ocean shore

I am the morning bird perched on your window

I am

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When the mind is starved of thoughts

Spirit is fed

Screenshot 2020-07-05 16.26.09.png


Recognising the non-linear nature of time and space

I find myself here, time and again

Turning over new rocks

Climbing different trees

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Love is the only language

Compassion the only understanding
Balance the only truth


My unique expression of human consciousness

Contributes to the oracle of wisdom 

No one will ever have the exact same experience of reality

This is my power


I am one with the eternal TAO 

Standing at the centre of the universe

Everything is


Less doing, more being 

I flow with the natural movement of my energy

I am pulled with the tides of my highest self


I choose to be the calm in the chaos

I choose to be the silence in the noise

I choose to be the lotus in the mud



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